• A question I get a lot is, is Release therapy painful. The short answer is no, not really. If you have an injury, massage release therapy needs to work deep to get you moving again. It might feel like you had a hard workout for a day or two afterwards but your injury will heal and your pain will be gone. Massage release therapy is no more painful than a hard workout; when working with areas that are guarded or so stuck that they are causing daily pain Massaging it will feel uncomfortable. You may be sore but no more than your best workout. And it will leave a lasting change. Getting to deep muscles and working out old restrictions can help the body tremendously! And I think it is a fair trade for increasing health and decreasing your overall pain.

  • Massage release Therapy is very complementary to other modalities such as acupuncture, chiropractic, Deep tissue massage, naturopathy, etc. they all have their specific elements that make them more suitable for some situations and conditions over others. None are inherently better than another.

    That said, some common reasons clients choose Massage Release Therapy:

    • You want similar benefits as acupuncture but do not like needles.
    • You are interested in a nourishing full-body treatment
    • You’d prefer your practitioner to be with you for the full treatment.
    • Massage Release Therapy’s emphasis on self-care, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations is inspiring and empowers you to take care of yourself in a way that creates a lasting transformation
  • Massage therapy cost between $60 to $140/Session. Nothing could be more important! The sooner you address an issue, the less money and time it will cost you. If you leave a sore back alone for years, it will eventually give out. At this point, it takes a lot more time to recover. Think of this as an investment equal to a good gym and a good doctor. I had my first Massage session at 21 and was blown away by how good I felt. Good enough to decide that this would be my career. I have loved learning details about the human body and seeing how Massage release therapy can transform people for the better. It really changes you and teaches you. I want to pass that awe onto you; I want your experience with Massage release therapy to be nearly life-changing. Consider it your next great investment and see what you get out of it.

  • The changes in Massage release therapy can be permanent. Since Massage release therapy works at a deep level and creates real changes in the body’s structure it will stay in place until you overstress it or injure it. But Massage release therapy also teaches you important principles to keep your body strong. If you make a habit of the things you learn, you will have very long-lasting results.

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